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How To Get Your Skin Care Routine In The Right Order: 3 Steps To Clear, Healthy Skin

What’s the right order to do your skin care routine? It seems like a straightforward question, but if you’re not sure of the answer your skin could be missing out. Read this guide to an easy-to-follow daily face care routine, and you’ll soon be sporting a smooth, glowing complexion.

Step 1: Cleanse

Deeply cleanse and remove oil, dirt, and makeup. Dirt and pollution can clog pores and cause pimples, so cleansing is definitely a must! You can do this in one gentle step without drying or irritation with Micellar Water Pink for sensitive skin. There's a reason why Micellar Water has become so popular these days. This product is a 3-in-1 skincare which you can use as a cleanser, gentle toner, and a makeup remover. It’s made with micelles that gently yet effectively lift away dirt, oil, & makeup like magnets without the harshness usually associated with other cleansers and toners. Check out this guide to on how to use Micellar Water to cleanse & tone.

For heavy-duty deep-cleaning, you can also pair your micellar water with our Pure Active or Light Complete facial foams and scrubs. Everyone needs a good, reliable facial wash to cleanse the skin after a long day outside. You can use a facial foam daily, and a facial scrub twice a week to exfoliate the  skin  and  remove  dead  skin  cells  that  can  cause  acne. Read  this  to  learn  more  about Double Cleansing & how to wash your face like a pro. You can also check out this article to learn about the 6 Types of Facial Cleansers and Which is Best For Your Skin Type.

Step 2: Treat

Use a concentrated serum to treat your skin’s specific needs. Check this visual guide on facial serum, what it is, and how to use it. One common concern we always hear about is acne scars and sun spots. Our cult favorite for this is the Vitamin C Serum. With the power of Vitamin C, it fades dark spots in 3 days, to even out your skin tone for a brighter-looking complexion. You can read on more about Topical Vitamin C in this infographic.

Step 3: Moisturize

Regularly moisturize to get nourished, smoother, and protected skin. During the day, your skin gets exposed to the harmful rays of the sun coupled with the humid heat, all of which can feel heavy on the skin. That's why you need an ultra-light moisturizer with sun protection like Light Complete Day Cream with Japan’s Yuzu Lemon and SPF 36. It keeps your skin moisturized and protected without the greasy feel, while also helping your serum fade dark spots and pimple marks!  At night, it will be the best time to treat and indulge your skin with all the good stuff! For an extra boost of moisture, use a night cream or a sleeping mask that your skin will absorb be able to absorb overnight, leaving you  with  softer,  smoother  skin  the  next  day. You try the Light Complete Night Cream, a  no-rinse yoghurt sleeping mask infused with vitamin C, lemon, and yoghurt extracts, to continue fading dark spots and acne marks while you sleep.

Of  course,  don’t  forget  the  rest  of  your  body!  Hands  can  get  dry  and  rough  from  frequent handwashing and sanitizing. Look no further than our Light Complete Hand Cream for brighter and moisturized hands! It is enriched with lemon essence – proven to brighten skin and strengthen its protective barrier with moisture-repairing nutrients. Cap off your skin care routine with some Light Complete  Body  Lotion  that  is  not  only  enriched  with  lemon  essence,  but  is  also  combined  with UVA/UVB  filters.  It  hydrates  your  skin  and  fades  dark  spots  while  providing  sun  protection  in  just one  simple  step!  Get  brighter,  moisturized,  and  protected  skin  with  these  non-sticky  and  fast absorbing body lotions in lightweight serum texture.