Why Should You Be Using A Face Mask Why Should You Be Using A Face Mask

Face masks: why should you use them and what are the benefits for your skin?

Whether you've got a whole cupboard full of lotions and potions or whether you just wash and go with a ‘one soap suits all’ type of skincare approach, there's one thing you shouldn't miss out in your skincare arsenal: the face mask!

What’s so great about face masks?

Quite simply, a face mask is an incredibly easy and effective way of giving your skin the kind of deep cleansing, hydrating experience it's craving (not to mention the feeling of sheer pampering it gives you). In today's world, skin has a hard job maintaining the healthy glow and flawless freshness you’d like it to have. Harsh weather, pollution, late nights, stressful jobs … there are so many factors that can contribute towards dull, tired-looking skin! One simple solution for counteracting this is to regularly use a face mask. There are many different kinds of face masks out there, and you're sure to find one (or several) that will help target your specific problem areas to reveal your skin's true radiance. Some, like Garnier Fresh Mix Mask Vitamin C Shot, target dryness with intense hydration. Others, like Fresh Mix Mask Hyaluron Shot, offer deep tissue cleansing, leaving you with plumped and refreshed skin, while many offer the kind of sensory purification that leaves you with the tingling sensation of having really rejuvenated skin. Face masks also differ in terms of your desired skin care regime: use a light, freshly-mixed sachet mask daily; multi-mask for your weekly face care indulgence; or go for an intense revitalizing session every now and again before a special occasion with a deeply hydrating sheet mask

5 benefits of using a face mask

1. Refine pores: by getting down into the deeper layers of skin, face masks can extract ingrained dirt and excess oils to result in truly clean skin and tighter pores.

2. Increase hydration: dryness is one of the primary causes of many skin issues, and deeply moisturizing face masks such as Hydra Bomb Super-Hydrating Soothing Tissue Mask give a much-needed power shot of moisture to smooth skin tone and create that soft, dreamy base for perfect make-up application.

3. Revitalize tired or damaged skin: fine lines, pigmentation and sun damage can be diminished with regular use of face masks, and some are even designed to enhance collagen production for a plumper, dewier complexion and fresh sensation. Hydra Bomb Pomegranate Hydrating Tissue Mask does all these things and gives you some luxurious pampering into the bargain. 

4. Quick and simple: face masks are ever-so easy to add to your daily skin care regime.

5. Pampering: in addition to all of these great skin benefits, face masks also offer one advantage often overlooked - the perfect excuse to truly unwind. There's nothing quite as relaxing as getting into your pajamas, sticking on your favorite movie and putting your feet up while your face mask gently cleanses your skin and offers you a moment of indulgent comfort and sensuous pleasure!