Woman applying various skincare products to her face Woman applying various skincare products to her face

What Are Skin Actives and How Do I Use Them?

Treat your skin with the routine it deserves and use natural skin actives to heal, hydrate, and protect. Read on to learn more.

Stepping into the skincare world can be an intimidating experience, especially when you come across new and unfamiliar jargon and terms. Given its recent rise in popularity, the latest trends and items popping up should be no surprise to you. But, it’s in your best interest to absorb all this new information to make the best purchases among a sea of products available today.

These days, all kinds of terminology and slang are being thrown around to describe new types of skincare technology. Among these, there are a few essential ones that you need to keep in mind—and that includes “skin actives.” 

For many young beauty enthusiasts like you, learning what “skin actives” means is essential to building your skincare routine. At the same time, you also become more knowledgeable about the different types of products that your skin can handle to help it be healthier and more radiant over time.

There are many ways you can try to start your daily routine. But the first and most essential step is asking yourself, what are the actives found in skincare?

What are Skin Actives?

Skin actives are ingredients in your favorite skincare products that are tested and proven by laboratories to change the skin in different and specific ways.

Actives are naturally occurring chemicals used today as a common skincare ingredient to help rejuvenate and repair damaged skin. In most cases, they help treat usual skin issues like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

The Most Common Skin Actives

There are various skin actives that you can add to your usual daily routine to promote healthy skin repair. Here are a few of the most common skin actives you should look out for the next time you go shopping for skincare products.

1. Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, this active ingredient contains a powerful antioxidant that brightens your skin and protects it from UV rays. Products such as the Garnier Vitamin C Serum also work best to help clear fine lines and wrinkles during the day.

2. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHAs)

This active ingredient exfoliates and improves your skin’s tone and texture as it removes dead cells. Apart from that, it is also a common ingredient to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and treat age spots.

3. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid can help you clear up all your blackheads, whiteheads, and clogged pores for smoother and brighter skin. Skincare products such as the Garnier 3-in-1 Anti Acne Cleanser are best used to help treat sudden breakouts and stubborn acne.

4. Ceramides

Ceramides form a barrier on the skin to protect it from toxins and help absorb the nutrients it needs. If you suffer from dry skin, irritation, or episodes of eczema, using products that contain this ingredient can help.

5. Hyaluronic Acid

This active ingredient can effectively hydrate your skin and eliminate fine lines as it slows down the effects of aging on your skin. This can be found in products such as the Garnier Sakura Serum.

6. Vitamin A

Vitamin A contains active properties that help slow down the visual signs of aging by making your skin smoother and firmer. This ingredient can be used at any time of day, making it ideal to add to anyone’s skincare routine.

7. Niacinamide

This ingredient is versatile and can be used by all skin types to help treat acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. If you need an all-around ingredient to protect you from inflammation, make sure to look out for this in your products.

8. Azelaic acid

Azelaic is another anti-inflammatory ingredient that can help clear acne scars. It works best with long-term use alongside other skin actives like Vitamin C.

9. Ferulic acid

Ferulic acid is used to nourish and calm your skin down irritated. Apart from that, it can also aid in boosting the effects of other skin actives like Vitamin E.

10. Hydroquinone

This skin active is best known for its lightening effect against dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This can be found in daily creams that you can use during the day and night.

11. Kojic Acid

Kojic acid can be used topically to help lighten your skin and get rid of stubborn age spots and acne scars. When used regularly during the day, you can start to see results as early as two weeks.

Treat Your Skin with Actives

Dealing with unhealthy skin can take a toll on your confidence and prevent you from giving your 100%. While the skincare world may be a bit intimidating for beginners, knowing the basics can help you manage your skin and keep it clear of impurities all day long. 

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