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8 Tips to Treat and Prevent Maskne

Have you been breaking out from wearing a mask out all day? Check out these tips on how to prevent maskne and get your bright glowing skin back in no time.

Living through a pandemic can be pretty rough, especially if you enjoy leaving the house and hanging out with your friends. For everyone’s safety, you need to keep a mask on at all times to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Complying with your local safety protocols should be taken seriously and taking the necessary precautions, such as wearing a mask when going out, is essential these days. However, individuals with sensitive skin have begun to develop acne breakouts more than usual. Luckily, this article will help guide you through a skincare routine that can help you fight against the phenomenon called maskne.

What is Maskne?

Mask acne, or maskne for short, refers to a specific kind of acne breakout that comes from wearing your mask for prolonged and frequent periods. When you wear a mask, the natural oils on your skin begin to build up and clog your pores. Combine this with the humidity from your breathing and sweat, and it creates micro bacteria that can irritate your skin.

Several different factors can come to play when finding the root cause of your flare-ups. In some cases, maskne can also be considered an allergic reaction from the materials used to make certain masks. If you wear reusable or washable types, forgetting to clean them after every use could also be another culprit to your breakouts. 

A combination of these factors can also be considered since constant irritation to the skin can lead it to become unbalanced.

Best Solutions for Treating Your Maskne

When you get a breakout, the first thing you want to do is stop it from becoming worse. Here are some maskne treatment tips you can try at home.

1. Use a gentle skin cleanser

Washing your face regularly is a common skincare step that you should never skip out on if you want to get clear skin. Use a gentle anti acne facial wash to help you remove excess oils, dirt, sweat, and bacteria from your face after wearing a mask all day. If necessary, you can also learn how to double cleanse in the event of stubborn acne.  The Garnier 3-in-1 Anti Acne Cleanser can help address all these problems as it deeply cleanses pores to remove excess oil, fights acne bacteria, and brightens skin.

2. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer

If you want to stick to a simple skincare routine, make sure that you use products with the necessary skincare ingredients that aim to address your skin problem. In the case of maskne, using a non-comedogenic moisturizer can be a great step to end your aftercare. Non-comedogenic can be defined as products made to make it less likely for you to get pore blockages.

3. Don’t layer too many products on the skin

Let your skin breathe by skipping makeup when you can. It’s also best to avoid applying too many products to your skin at once. Leaving these on can make it easy for your pores to clog and cause your skin to take a longer time to heal. If you decide to continue wearing makeup, make sure you use cleansing micellar water to clean up all dirt residue on your face.

4. Remember to brush your teeth regularly

This goes without saying! When you wear a mask, the bacteria from your mouth can circulate around your face, clogging up and irritating your skin. So make sure that before you leave the house, you practice good oral hygiene.

Tips for Preventing Maskne

Taking preventative measures can be easier compared to treating maskne. Here are some things you can do on how to prevent maskne.

1. Experiment on different mask fabrics and brands

Some people have sensitive skin that may react to different types of cloth masks from different brands. Try out other options before sticking to a particular piece and see which one works best for you.

2. Wash your cloth masks after every use

If you use a reusable cloth mask, make sure you wash them after each use when you get home. This can help get rid of dirt, dust, and bacteria that it comes across while you are outsidea.

3. Apply ample amount of light moisturizer before putting on a mask

Wearing your mask all day does not only cause acne breakouts, but it can also dry up your skin. So before putting on a mask for the day, use a bit of moisturizer around your lower face to help combat dryness.

4. Use a fragrance-free detergent

When washing your reusable masks, remember to stick with fragrance-free detergent to avoid any adverse reaction with your skin. This will prevent any irritation when you wear it the next time.

Clear It Up

Wearing masks are essential to our daily lives, but developing breakouts don't have to be! Taking preventative measures can be the best solution. It’s time to make an effort and boost your skin health today with products from the Garnier shop!